If you want to promot your Brand, Business, Jobs etc then this is the right place for you. Because jobs4NE is a leading jobs information provider in Assam as well as in North East India. We provide our clients with wide area of advertisement solutions. At present we are providing following two Advertising options.

1. Banner Ads (Banner will be redirected to your site):

a) Rs. 7000/- pm for Responsive or 728*90 size.
Position: Below Top Menu Bar.

b) Rs. 5000/- pm for 300*250 size.
Position: Top in Right Sidebar.

c) Rs. 4000/- pm for 320*100 size.
Position: Below Post.

d) Rs. 3000/- pm for 320*60 size.
Position: Anywhere in Sidebar.

2. Text or Link Ads (Link will be redirected to your site):

a) Rs. 2500/- for 7 days per ad.

b) Rs. 4000/- for 15 days per ad.

c) Rs. 7000/- for 30 days per ad.

*Maximum 3 (three) links per ad will be allowed. Position: Below Top Menu Bar OR Top in Right Sidebar OR Below Post.

Payment mode: We accept Payment via NEFT/ Direct Bank Deposit only.

For Advertising query, Please contact us through -

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